Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 of release)
1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance service
5. The engine
6. Transmission
7. A running gear
8. A steering
9. Brake system
10. An electric equipment
11. A body
12. Wheels and tyres
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
16.1. Recommendations
16.2. The list of malfunctions and conditions at which operation of vehicles is forbidden
16.3. Changes to the state standards regulating the maximum permissible maintenance of harmful substances in fulfilled gases of vehicles
17. Councils to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Electric equipment schemes



16.2. The list of malfunctions and conditions at which operation of vehicles is forbidden

The present List establishes malfunctions of cars, buses, lorry convoys, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, tractors, other self-propelled cars and a condition at which their operation is forbidden. Methods of check of the resulted parametres are regulated GOST Р 51709-2001 Vehicles. Requirements to a technical condition on movement safety conditions. Check methods.
1. Brake systems
1.1. Norms of efficiency of braking of working brake system do not correspond STATE THAT Р 51709-2001.
1.2. Tightness of a hydraulic brake drive is broken.
1.3. Infringement of tightness of pneumatic and pneumatichydraulic brake drives causes air pressure drop at the idle engine on 0,05 МПа and more for 15 minutes after their full reduction in action. Leak of compressed air from wheel brake chambers.
1.5. The lay brake system does not provide a motionless condition:
Vehicles with full loading – on a bias to 16 percent inclusive;
Cars <...> in the equipped condition – on a bias to 23 percent inclusive <...>.
2. A steering
2.1. Total люфт in a steering exceeds following values:
2.2. There are movings of details not provided by a design and knots. Carving connections are not tightened or not fixed in the established way. The device of fixing of position of a steering column is disabled.
2.3. The amplifier of a steering provided by a design or the helmsman демпфер (for motorcycles) is faulty or is absent.
3. External light devices
3.1. The quantity, type, colour, an arrangement and an operating mode of external light devices do not correspond to requirements of a design of a vehicle.

On the vehicles which have been laid off, installation of external light devices from vehicles of other marks and models is supposed.

3.2. Adjustment of headlights does not correspond to requirements of GOST Р 51709-2001.
3.3. Do not work in the established mode or external light devices and световозвращатели are polluted.
3.4. On light devices are absent рассеиватели or are used рассеиватели and the lamps which are not corresponding to type of the given light device.
3.5. Installation flashing маячков, ways of their fastening and visibility of a light signal do not correspond to the established requirements.
3.6. On a vehicle are established:
– In front – light devices with fires of any colour, except white, yellow or orange, and световозвращающие adaptations of any colour, except white;
– Behind – lanterns of a backing and illumination of the state registration sign with fires of any colour, except white, and other light devices with fires of any colour, except red, yellow or orange, and also световозвращающие adaptations of any colour, except red.

Positions of the present point do not extend on state registration, distinctive and the recognition symbols established on vehicles.

4. Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели a windscreen
4.1. Screen wipers do not work in the established mode.
4.2. Do not work provided by a vehicle design стеклоомыватели.
5. Wheels and tyres
5.1. Tyres of cars have residual height of drawing of a protector less than 1,6 mm <...>.
The note.
For trailers norms of residual height of drawing of a protector of the tyres, similar to norms for tyres of transport means-tractors are established .
5.2. Tyres have external damages (breakdowns, cuts, ruptures), baring a cord, and also skeleton stratification, отслоение a protector and боковины.
5.3. There is no bolt (nut) of fastening or there are cracks of a disk and ободьев wheels, there are visible infringements of the form and the sizes of fixing apertures.
5.4. Tyres on the size or a safe load do not correspond to vehicle model.
5.5. On one axis of vehicles tyres of the various sizes, designs (radial, diagonal, chamber, бескамерной), models with various drawings of a protector, ошипованные and неошипованные, cold-resistant and not cold-resistant, new and restored are established.
6. The engine
6.1. The maintenance of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases and them дымность the sizes, established exceed STATE VOLUME Р 52033-2003 and STATE VOLUME Р 52160-2003.
6.2. Tightness of the power supply system is broken.
6.3. The system of release of the fulfilled gases is faulty.
6.4. Tightness of system of ventilation картера is broken.
6.5. Admissible level of external noise exceeds the sizes, established STATE VOLUME Р 52231-2004
7. Other elements of a design
7.1. The quantity, an arrangement and a class of rear-view mirrors do not correspond to GOST Р 51709-2001, there are no the glasses provided by a design of a vehicle.
7.2. The sound signal does not work.
7.3. Additional subjects are established or the coverings limiting visibility from a place of the driver are put.

On the top part of a windscreen of cars and buses transparent coloured films can be attached. It is authorised to apply тонированные glasses (except mirror), светопропускание which corresponds to GOST 5727-88. It is supposed to apply шторки at windows of tourist buses, and also jalousie and шторки on back glasses of cars at presence from both parties of external rear-view mirrors.

7.4. The locks of doors of a body provided by a design or cabins, <...> stoppers of fuel tanks, the mechanism of adjustment of position of a seat of the driver, <...>, a speedometer, тахограф, antijoy ride devices, devices of heating and обдува glasses do not work.
7.5. Are absent provided by a design the back accident protection device, грязезащитные aprons and mudguards.
7.6. Tjagovo-coupling and oporno-coupling devices of the tractor and a hook-on link are faulty, and also are absent or the safety cables (chains) provided by their design are faulty. <...>.
7.7. Are absent:
<...> the medical first-aid set, the fire extinguisher, a sign on an emergency stop in accordance with GOST Р 41.27-99.
7.8. The wrongful equipment of vehicles flashing маячками and (or) special sound signals or presence on external surfaces of vehicles special цветографических schemes, inscriptions and the designations which are not corresponding to state standards of the Russian Federation.
7.9. There are no seat belts and headrests of seats if their installation is provided by a vehicle design.
7.10. Seat belts are disabled or have visible anguishes on a strap.
7.11. The holder of a spare wheel, лебедка and the mechanism of lifting-lowering of a spare wheel does not work. The ratchet device лебедки does not fix a drum with a fixing rope.
7.13. Tightness of sealants and connections of the engine, a transmission, onboard reducers, the back bridge, coupling, the storage battery, cooling and air conditioning systems and hydraulic devices in addition established on a vehicle is broken.
7.15. The state registration sign on a vehicle or a way of its installation does not answer GOST Р 50577–93.
7.18. Changes are made to a vehicle design without the permission of the State inspection of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation or other bodies defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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