Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 of release)
1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
2.1. Safety precautions regulations and recommendations
2.2. That it is necessary to have in the car
2.2.1. At daily operation
2.2.2. Going to a long journey
2.3. Обкатка the car
2.4. Car operation during the guarantee period
2.5. Preparation of the car for departure
2.6. Refuelling of the car by gasoline
2.7. Jack use
2.8. Car towage
2.9. Updating of the moment of ignition depending on quality of gasoline
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance service
5. The engine
6. Transmission
7. A running gear
8. A steering
9. Brake system
10. An electric equipment
11. A body
12. Wheels and tyres
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Councils to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Electric equipment schemes



2.2.1. At daily operation

Now on manufacturer cars complete with is minimum possible tooling with which help it is possible to replace a wheel or the fused lamp only.
Therefore we recommend to hold always in the car following additional accessories, tools and spare parts.
Tools and accessories (fig. 2.1):

Fig. 2.1. Tools and accessories

1 – the first aid first-aid set (automobile), confirmed by the order of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Russia from 4/1/2002 №106;
2 – a spare wheel;
3 – a hammer;
4 – a sign on an emergency stop;
5 – the fire extinguisher;
6 – a set combined (or as a last resort рожковых) keys from 8 to 24;
7 – противооткатный an emphasis ("boot");
8 – an additional key for bolts of wheels;
9 – a portable lamp;
10 – пассатижи;
11 – two screw-drivers (with crosswise and flat edges);
12 – шинный the pump with a manometre;
13 – an assembly shovel;
14 – wires for start-up of the engine from an external source;
15 – a towing cable.
Spare parts (fig. 2.2):

Fig. 2.2. Spare parts

1 – the complete set of spare belts;
2 – a brake liquid;
3 – antifreeze of the same mark, as filled in in your car;
4 – the complete set of high-voltage wires;
5 – the complete set of spark plugs;
6 – a set of spare lamps (half of all lamps established on the car, except for repeating);
7 – a set of safety locks, fusible inserts and the relay;
8 – маслобензостойкий hermetic.
Of 1-2 l, zolotnik of the gate of the tyre, hose the bottle of universal greasing of type WD-40, a plastic bottle of water can be useful for prorolling of hydrodrives a hank изоляционной tapes. To provide safety at lifting of the car by a jack, two emphasis under wheels in the form of wedges be required. Well and in the winter or at country trips it can be necessary and a small shovel.

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