Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 of release)
1. The car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance service
5. The engine
6. Transmission
7. A running gear
8. A steering
9. Brake system
10. An electric equipment
10.1. Features of a design
10.2. Assembly blocks
10.3. The storage battery
10.4. The generator
10.5. A starter
10.6. The switch (lock) of ignition
10.7. A control system of the engine
10.8. Illumination, the light and sound alarm system
10.8.1. Features of a design
10.8.2. Replacement of lamps
10.8.3. Replacement of block headlights
10.8.4. Replacement of the electroproof-reader of light of headlights
10.8.5. Replacement of a lateral lantern of the index of turn
10.8.6. Replacement of a back lantern
10.8.7. Replacement of an additional stoplight
10.8.8. Replacement of lanterns of illumination of licence plate
10.8.9. Replacement of a plafond of illumination of salon
10.8.10. Replacement of a plafond of illumination of a luggage carrier
10.8.11. Check and replacement подрулевых switches
10.8.12. Removal, installation and adjustment of a sound signal
10.9. Replacement of a motor-reducer of a screen wiper of a wind window
10.10. Removal and installation of a washer of glass of a wind window
10.11. Removal and installation of the electric motor of the basic fan of a radiator of system of cooling of the engine
10.12. Removal and installation of the electric motor of the additional fan of a radiator of system of cooling of the engine
10.13. Electroheating of glass of a window of a back
10.14. Removal and cartridge installation cigarette Lighter
10.15. A combination of devices
10.16. Switches of the panel of devices
10.17. Replacement of blocks of management эpower windows
10.18. An automobile audiosystem
10.19. Replacement of gauges and switches
11. A body
12. Wheels and tyres
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Councils to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Electric equipment schemes



10.8.1. Features of a design

On cars apply the block headlights uniting in двухнитевую a lamp of near and far light, a lamp of dimensional light and a lamp of indexes of turn.
Antifog headlights.
On cars in the bottom part of a forward bumper antifog headlights can be established. Antifog headlights can be included only at the included external illumination.
Back antifog lantern.
The lamp of a back antifog lantern is established in the left back lantern. The antifog lantern can be included the button on the panel of devices only at the included external illumination.
Turn indexes.
Lamps of indexes of turn are established in block headlights, back and lateral lanterns. Turn indexes include left подрулевым the switch (lamps of one board depending on switch position) or the alarm system switch (all lamps simultaneously).
The electroproof-reader of light of headlights.
On cars establish the electroproof-reader of light of the headlights, allowing to change a direction of a beam of light of headlights in a vertical plane depending on car loading.

If headlights have suddenly started to shine dimly, and at inclusion of a signal of turn the dimensional lamp blinks, restore contact of a "mass" wire to a body.
Take to itself in a habit regularly to change lamps (especially head light of headlights). In due course the lamp flask grows turbid, brightness of a lamp decreases. This process occurs slowly enough, and the driver does not notice gradual deterioration of light exposure of road.
Recently appears cars at which headlights shine, as a New Year tree, various shades of blue colour more and more. All it is called as a word ксенон and it is considered very abrupt. No doubt, the xenon headlights established regularly on latest models of foreign cars, shine road is much better, and the car with them looks much more effectively. It is no wonder that many too try to improve the car as now on counters there was a weight of the "xenon" lamps of various manufacturing (more often Chinese). Be not bought on cheap stuff: such lamps have not something in common with the present xenon gas-discharge lamps without threads накаливания. These are usual lamps with the painted glass. Svetopropuskajushchaja ability of such glass much more low, than at standard lamps, threads at forgeries, as a rule, are established not in focus, the headlight with such lamp at external эффектности practically shines nothing, only in addition mercilessly blinds counter drivers. Besides manufacturers of such lamps to compensate decrease in a light stream, increase their capacity much. Often their installation leads оплавлению to isolation of wires and electric equipment damage. And the fire is possible also. Do not get for the money "headache" better, and buy usual lamps of high quality.
Sooner or later lamps in back lanterns fuse. It would Seem, than that is easier — to take the new bulb approaching on the size of a socle and pressure, and to establish it instead of the fused. However consider that in back lanterns lamps with an identical socle, but different capacity are applied: 5W and 21W. Also it is an important trifle. Do not mix a lamp in places: 5-vattnye lamps establish for dimensional light, 21-vattnye — in indexes of turn and stoplights. If you establish low-power lamps in stoplights and turn indexes, other drivers simply will not see your signals in rainy weather. And powerful lamps in "dimensions" will disturb very much to drivers who go behind, and to irritate them. Respective there will be also their relation to you.

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